Kendall Kay is a strategically driven, senior marketing professional who:

Kendall has 30 years experience in strategic planning, marketing and business development. He was Vice President of Strategic Planning, Marketing and Business Development at ADP Retirement Services as well as the Chief Strategy Officer for Manulife Financial/John Hancock. Kendall has excelled at:

Kendall holds a LLIF, (LIMRA Life Institute Fellowship: an insurance industry MBA equivalent) from Babson College, as well as a Communications Arts Diploma from Cambrian College. He studied for a year at the School of Art and Design of the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts.

A featured industry spokesperson and advocate, Kendall was on the board of directors at the SPARK Institute, on the Morningstar Client Advisory Council, on the PSCA PRAC Committee, part of LIMRA’s Strategic Pension Research Network, the LLIF Program Development and was a founding member of the Retirement Services Council of the Corporate Executive Board.

Personally he has been involved with many not for profit organizations, helping with fund raising, community engagement and managing volunteers.

Motivated to create new services that will enrich people's lives either at work or in retirement and deliver a unique, profitable competitive advantage to his clients, Kendall started KK & Company in 2006.

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